About Pla Giken

Pla Giken, Co. Ltd., was established in Fukushima Ward, Osaka City in 1977 as an extruder system manufacturer. In 1988, we opened our Tokyo Office, and we finished current factory location in Suita City, Osaka in 1995. We completed our research facility in 2007 next to the factory which is developing and expanding to this day.



At Pla Giken, we have experience in designing and manufacturing medical extruders, as well as extruders for housing, food packing and containers, and more.


The Ten Pillars of PLA Giken

Medical Products

PLA Giken’s “Extrusion Systems for Medical Applications” can create thin, flexible catheters that can be inserted into a patient’s body for testing and treatment. We have obtained domestic and international patents as well as sold dozens of these systems in Japan and around the world.
The “MDX-mini”, developed a few years ago, has been highly acclaimed for having the several of the world’s smallest diameter extruders installed, for its ease of use, and for the variety of catheters it can produce.