The Starting Point of Our Technical Development

When customers ask, “How do you come up with new inventions?”, I answer,”Discussions with a customer are the start of our inventions.”
Customers often start out skeptical, saying things like, “I doubt that you can, but…” or “Is this kind of system even possible?”
However, the dreams of our customers are the catalysts of our inventions.
As a manufacturing company, we start our development from here, and we thoroughly consider the mechanical systems to make these dreams a reality.
When a problem occurs, whether with new or old technology, we always return the starting point.
From years of experience, we were able to learn that if with think about an issue deeply from the start, we will save time problem solving later.

Custom made begins with the customer.

  • 1


    Ask what the customer’s goal and ideal system would be like.

  • 2


    Work with the customer to make their dream a reality.

  • 3

    Quotation to Ordering

  • 4

    Design and Manufacturing

    Fuse the customer’s wants with Pla Giken’s technology.

  • 5

    Test Run

    At our factory, we create the customer’s dream product, as well as show the customer how to operate the system.

  • 6

    Delivery, On Site Test Run

    Only when the customer is completely satisfied is our work done.

High Quality and Excellent Technology Certificates

High Quality and Excellent Technology Certificates
In 2005, we have obtained ISO 9001 certification.
Based on ISO procedures, we improve our quality management system constantly.
In 2016, we were doubly awarded “Intellectual Property Reward” and “Excellent Company of OSAKA” by the Osaka prefectural government, which proves that we are a superior company both in manufacturing craftsmanship and intellectual properties.
We have executed intellectual strategy both in Japan and aboard, and our patents contribute to our profit and competitive power.
We will continue research and development to enhance our strength on intellectual properties.

Patents and Trademarks

Patents and Trademarks

Number of Registered and Pending Patents (as of March 31, 2017)

Extrusion System for Resin Tubes 4
Extrusion System for Multi-layer Resin Tubes 5
Extrusion System for Catheters 7
Fusing Method of Cross-linked PE Pipes 1
Resin Extrusion System 10
Binding & Cutting Devices for Long Products 2
Automatic Tube Assembly System for Grooved Base Plates 2
Structuring of Layered Hot Water Tubes for Floor Heating Devices 1
Visualized Extruder 1
Tube Manufacturing System (3 materials in 3 layers) 1
International Patents (America, EU, China, etc.) 19
Joint Patents 25
Pending Patents (Japan and Abroad) 13