PLA Giken’s “Extrusion Systems for Medical Applications” can create thin, flexible catheters that can be inserted into a patient’s body for testing and treatment. We have obtained domestic and international patents as well as sold dozens of these systems in Japan and around the world.
The “MDX-mini”, developed a few years ago, has been highly acclaimed for having the several of the world’s smallest diameter extruders installed, for its ease of use, and for the variety of catheters it can produce.


Because of need to clear strict environmental regulations concerning automotive fuel and other volatile chemicals in America and Europe, there is a demand for flexible, permeation resistant fuel tubes.
We have developed multi-layer, multi-plastic tubing extrusion systems and have sold these systems for over 30 years. They are installed in factories of Japanese companies and their overseas factories.


Hollow fiber filters are used in various situations, such as for drinking water and wastewater treatment as well as for exhaust gas treatment in households and various industries. We have developed and sell “Hollow Fiber Manufacturing Systems” that mix resin (PDVF) with added plasticizers while extruding in line.These systems can also make hollow fibers for medical use.


For producing fishing lines, fishing nets, tennis racket strings, mosquito nets, artificial hair, and a variety of other products, PLA Giken’s “Monofilament Extrusion System” is a must. The twin screw extruder directly takes the powder and produces everything in line, significantly reducing costs, especially for fishing line production.


With the cooperation of a foreign manufacturer, we started development of corrugated pipe extrusion systems in 1994.
We were the first company in Japan to sell “Double-Wall Pipe” extrusion systems that make agricultural underground drain distributing pipes.
The feature of these pipes is a smooth, double-wall pipe inside with a corrugated outside, and we have completed these extrusion systems with our own, new technology.

Food Packing and Containers

PLA Giken has developed and sells various multi-layer film extrusion systems that make food packing and containers improving the efficiency of storing, transporting, and keeping food fresh, as well as showing food’s the necessary information.
We have also developed and released Low Expansion PP Foaming Sheets Extrusion System which is used for food containers (microwavable).


Water supply pipes, hot water pipes, and floor heating pipes that are constructed into residencies buildings using cross-linked polyethylene (PE) pipes.
After successfully developing a one step process that mixes each of the raw materials in order within the system, PLA Giken’s Cross-linked PE Pipe Manufacturing System has significantly reduced production costs compared to conventional extrusion methods with compounds for cross-linked PE pipes.

Industrial Products (Including Medical)

Plastic sheets are multipurpose raw materials in a wide variety of products for everything from construction and automotive materials, to electronics and everyday products.
We have developed and sell extrusion systems for a variety of multi-layer sheets and low density foaming multi-layer sheets.
Also, in the medical field, PVC sheets are used as a raw material for blood bags.


For business supplies, PLA Giken makes highly acclaimed extrusion systems for household/business printer parts, heater rollers (uses shrinkable tubes), transfer roller sheets, 3D printer supply tubes, ink jet multi-lumen (flat tubes). We are the only extrusion company that can make these products.


The cleaning in semiconductor factories was done with chlorofluorocarbons (CFC), but in order to stop global warming, cleaning has been replaced with ultra-pure water rinsing through fluorine resin pipes.
In collaboration with a plastic materials supplier, we have developed and sell fluorine resin pipe extrusion systems.
For first time customers of PLA Giken’s extrusion systems, we conduct thorough training with the operators on the system in house. The quality of our training has been praised by many of our customers.